Some examples of assignments that Corporates entrusted to Impact Healthcare:

Developing from scratch a social/health services platform for policyholders

In partnership with a global leading technological firm, IMPACT HEALTHCARE was selected by a key national social welfare player to design and test a digital innovative services platform.


This platform is being developed and tested with a panel of users, with a view to continuously improve users experience based on their feedback before a larger roll-out. The solution allows for the promotion of locally based social/health services.

Diversifying to grow !

A major player in the health industries sought IMPACT HEALTHCARE’s support to set up a strategic plan to ensure future growth.


Various opportunities have been screened and evaluated. The final deliverable also includes proposals for operational implementation and follow-up.

Coordinating a global platform for epidemiological and virological data generation

For a key vaccine manufacturer, coordination of a global network of investigators, including WHO collaborating centers, for epidemiological and virological data generation on respiratory viruses.


IMPACT HEALTHCARE has built upon its capabilities in project management in a complex international environment and expertise and skills in data management and compliance.

Supporting a digital health policy

Supporting a digital health policy

For the Ministry of Health in a foreign country, diagnosis and strategic plan to computerize care structures. Preparation for implementation (safety policy, urbanization principles, specifications).