Experts network

Who hasn't dreamed of accessing the right person in 24 hours who can unlock a situation or give the information we lack?

The multidimensional nature of innovative health projects should no longer be considered as a risk. The IMPACT HEALTHCARE initiative aims at bringing together a community of experts for innovation and growth, bringing together all the skills needed by project owners.

Whether they choose to be associated with IMPACT HEALTHCARE or volunteers, dozens of well-known personalities in their discipline are mobilized to help you succeed.

They agree to advise and guide the project holders we accompany and save them valuable time in all areas that are sources of difficulties:

  • Managing a legal risk
  • Define a financing strategy (subsidy, borrowing, capital increase, timing, amounts ...)
  • Organize a fundraising (preparation of the BP - investor contacts - negotiation)
  • Facilitating the commercial development of a solution
  • Find a technical advice
  • Securing project management
  • Choosing the best way to market
  • Producing value-added content
  • Or simply collectively bring a unique knowledge of the health sector in France to prevent failures or difficulties.

Safer, faster