• Strategic & operational support
  • A service platform
  • A network of multidisciplinary experts
  • Funding enabler
  • Commercial support


The health sector brings exciting innovations and opportunities for better management of our health system, for research, for public and individual health. It is an area of excellence for France, which must take a leading position. But whether you are a start-up or a large account, undertaking and conducting health innovation projects requires mastering the specificities of the sector in areas as varied as medical expertise, business models, technical and security standards, legal and regulatory framework, medical expertise, communication and distribution rules…

These specificities are often unnecessarily time-consuming and even causes of failure.

Impact Healthcare’s ambition is to gather every skills and resources that are essential to accelerate innovative health projects’ development.

Experience / Support

Ideally, a team developing a digital health project requires a good balance between various skills : knowledge about the health sector on the one hand, support & management skills on the other hand (project management, technological skills, commercial skills, financial and legal expertise, etc.)

This balance is often hard to achieve :

Either project holders are health professionals, with a good knowledge of the health sector

Or, they come from the business world and are not very familiar with the health sector’s specificities

In both situations, Impact Healthcare is committed to provide every skills needed to push the project forward.

The IMPACT Healthcare initiative was born out of the combination
of three complementary experiences:


supporting start-ups and teams with innovative projects


the founder of several companies in the sector


the perfect knowledge of the health system in France

IMPACT HEALTHCARE aims to provide concrete solutions
to innovative project owners by:


Developing a shared services platform


Mobilizing a network of experts engaged alongside entrepreneurs


capacity to finance projects in equity or through private and public financial partners

The world of health is mobilizing to help make France a country of innovation, and your projects a source of growth.