Some examples of assignments that start-up businesses entrusted to Impact Healthcare:


The entire process of raising funds has been managed by IMPACT HEALTHCARE, from a business plan development to the closing with investors.


A major insurance company funded the project for a total of 1 million euros.

IMPACT HEALTHCARE's business model

Fixed rate (business plan development) success fees (fundraising carried out).

Accelerating commercial development to healthcare facilities

IMPACT HEALTHCARE was asked to support and accelerate the promotion of a digital solution to public and private hospitals.


In less than 6 months, the start-up had the opportunity to sign contracts both with national private hospitalization actors and several local public hospitals.

IMPACT HEALTHCARE's business model

Success fees as a percentage of contracts’ amounts. No result… no payment!

Supporting solutions & services development so that they fit the requirements of the market

Several young start-ups in need for medical expertise ask IMPACT HEALTHCARE for a long term support. With almost a daily contact, IMPACT HEALTHCARE can help them adapt their strategy in order to stick to actual needs, feasibility and market reality.

IMPACT HEALTHCARE's business model

Monthly fix rate or acquisition of shares in the company.

Accelerating development and visibility of a digital platform

The digital platform developed by this start-up aims to facilitate the day-to-day work of healthcare professionals. IMPACT HEALTHCARE has been entrusted with the task of accelerating its development and increasing its visibility on the market.


IMPACT HEALTHCARE has identified a key player to support and promote the development of this platform.

Providing comprehensive assistance

A startup has developed an app for healthcare professionals. IMPACT HEALTHCARE has joined the management team to help with the final choice of app-features, finalize the pricing and prepare a fundraising.


A new version of the app has been designed to better address the end user’s needs. A new business plan is being developed and a fund-raising process is underway with several IMPACT HEALTHCARE partner investors.

IMPACT HEALTHCARE's business model

Success-based payment scheme and acquisition of shares in the company depending on the results.

Strengthening medical expertise

In 2020, three B2C start-ups proposing digital solutions asked IMPACT HEALTHCARE to gather a scientific committee to test a POC.


Scientific/medical committees have been formed by members of IMPACT HEALTHCARE experts' network and different experimentations have been held in hospital services.

IMPACT HEALTHCARE's business model

Monthly fixed rate.

Breaking a legal deadlock

This fledgling start-up wanted to develop a health data marketplace and sought IMPACT HEALTHCARE’s support to tackle all the legal requirements aspects.


IMPACT HEALTHCARE has designed the project’s legal architecture and established model contracts (data providers and users) with a partner law firm. IMPACT HEALTHCARE has also taken over formalities and discussions with the French CNIL.

IMPACT HEALTHCARE's business model

Capital shareholding (only once the overall compliance scheme has been achieved and the first contracts signed).