At the stage of ideation, creation, or scale-up, the IMPACT HEALTHCARE initiative can secure your project and save your time.

Contact us and look at together concretely how we can accompany you:

Making the online services platform available

Mobilizing experts from different fields

How to finance your project

Business support

We mobilize all the complementary skills at the best possible level of expertise
to save your time and secure your project.

IMPACT HEALTHCARE's network is made up of experienced entrepreneurs and healthcare specialists all mobilized to increase the impact of innovation on the transformation of the health system and on the success of start-ups in France.

The process is simple and free:

- 1 -

Together we formalize your needs and our diagnosis.

- 2 -

Together, we define the scope and possible modalities of our intervention.

- 3 -

We implement the agreed actions in an operational, rapid and concrete way, committing ourselves to a deadline and a success.

Some references

Needs of Start-ups

Flash survey conducted in July 2019 among 24 French start-ups (panel composed of E-health solutions centered patients 50%, E-health centered professionals 45%, Med Devices 25%, AI and DATA 37%, Pharma 4%, Others 12%).

Instant scoring of the nature of needs

Instant scoring of the nature of needs

Ranking the needs of star-ups at the time of creation

Ranking the needs of star-ups at the time of creation

Safer, faster