Organize, animate and develop your start-up ecosystem by providing them with high value-added services

Secure your innovative projects by bringing them federated skills within the IMPACT HEALTHCARE Initiative.

Combine your innovation policy with our services by accompanying with us the innovation projects that join us.

IMPACT HEALTHCARE already supports many start-ups and innovative projects. We propose to make this environment available to companies wishing to be identified as a major player in health innovation, without having the resources and/or the time necessary internally.

In conjunction with your clients and partners, IMPACT HEALTHCARE brings you its knowledge of the players of innovation and its unique capacity of operational and strategic support and delegation of project management.

Your healthcare company also wants to be identified as an innovation player that facilitates new projects and start-ups. But you don't have the time or the skills in-house.

Let's define your strategic positioning together, and IMPACT HEALTHCARE manages - partially or in full - your incubator project, accelerator, living lab, …

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